Valentine’s Special 10% Discount off of ANY PACKAGE purchased in February!

Hi all,

Just wanted to let everyone know of our Valentine’s Discount of 10% off ANY package (wedding, portrait or event) booked in February for any other month.

So if you or someone you know wants a family portrait session or is looking for the ideal wedding photographer to capture those special moments on your big day, Emma-Louise Walton Photography is the PERFECT choice!

Don’t believe us? Here’s what one of our wedding couples recently said about us:

“Hiring Emma as our wedding photographer was the best decision we made, apart from getting married.

We thought we’d be ok with only friends & family taking pictures on the day but after talking with Emma and viewing her portfolio, she convinced us to go down the professional path. And thank God for that!!

She caught such beautiful and intimate moments that none of us would have seen otherwise. She was so relaxed working with us, our friends & family – and even though my family is German and most of them don’t speak English and Emma doesn’t speak German, it only took seconds for everyone to understand what she was expecting all of us to do.

We remember that during the photo shoot with the whole group, everyone seemed relaxed, they were enjoying themselves and most importantly everyone was smiling. Experiencing everything at your wedding is nearly impossible but with Emma’s pictures we can re-live our perfect day whenever we want.

Emma, you did a fantastic job and we couldn’t be more grateful – thank you ever so much for all the hard work!

Mr and Mrs Komuro”

Thanks guys! It was an absolute pleasure!!

For more information on booking Emma-Louise Walton for your special day, please contact us on 07709 146954 or via email:

All the very best,

Emma-Louise Walton Photography

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