Pups Lilly and Daisy!x

Andy and Pauline have two beautiful dogs. Just over a year ago, I photographed Daisy when she was the first of the two to join the family. This shoot though was all about Lilly.

When I photographed Daisy the first time, I chose a black background for many of the photos so as to really show off her beautiful soft white fur.

Owners Pauline and Andy now have a beautiful large canvas of Daisy on their wall and booked me to create similar images of the newest addition to the family. For this reason, I used the black background.

Feel free to have a look and enjoy!

Lily was my first client in my New Bristol based Studio and she was a just a darling to photograph.

Lovely profile shot!

I love her eyes!! So soulful!!

She was so well behaved!

Pauline and Andy also want a canvas of Daisy and Lilly together so I took a few of the two together too. As young, energetic pups, it was a pretty eventful shoot and keeping them together was a bit of a mission!! I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it though!!

A couple of my favourites.

And the lovely Daisy – a little older than the last time I photographer her!

Andy and Pauline, it was a pleasure. Galleries are up. Many thanks for bringing the adorable pair to see me.

All the best,

Emma-Lou x

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