Claire and Ben’s Wedding – September 2012


Back in September, the British weather didn’t know whether to rain or shine and as a result, we experienced some surreal days of a mixture of both. Ben and Claire’s day was brisk but much of it was beautifully bright and sunny.

Claire and her maid of honour Cheryl stayed at their venue, the beautiful Beaumont Estate in Old Windsor, the night before the wedding.  I arrived at about 10 in the morning to a very excited and yet extremely calm bride surrounded by her four adult bridesmaids.  Champagne was served, the girls were pampered, the sun streamed through the window and the atmosphere was warm and welcoming.

The arrival of mum and dad to inspect the bride once she was ready was enough to bring a tear to my eye as the pride on her fathers face was evident and the way Claire stroked her fathers tie and suit displayed a beautiful connection between them.  Once all the photos of the bridal party were taken, I made my way to the main room where Ben and Claire would be getting married.  Ben turned and beamed at me.  He was ready and looked so happy.

The ceremony was beautiful and the way Ben and Claire feel about each other was apparent by the way they looked at each other and stole glances when the other wasn’t looking.  After the ceremony, all the guests made their way outside for drinks and group photographs.  Walking the grounds with Ben and Claire made for some lovely shots and it also gave the happy couple a bit of time to spend together.  I like to offer this time to my couples as I think it is so important to make some time to take it all in together.

We didn’t have long however, as the day flew by.  The wedding breakfast was served in the most beautiful room known as The Chapel that was delicately decorated with the pale blue theme that ran consistently through the wedding from beginning to end; from the men’s cravats and bridesmaids dresses through to the scrumptious cake and the favours of jam and shortbread biscuits.  Every inch of these plans had been choreographed and the attention to detail shone through.

Before I knew it, the speeches were spoken, the party was started with a lovely first dance as husband and wife and it was time for me to go home.  The day, alike the bride, was beautiful and I felt privileged to be a part of it.  Thank you Ben and Claire for choosing me – it was a truly spectacular day!

Please find below a video of highlights set to the tune Claire walked down the aisle to; Ed Sheeran’s “Kiss Me”.

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