Billie and Ryland’s Wedding – Part 2!

Part 2 of Billie and Ryland’s wedding starts off with our lovely groom smiling away as he awaits the arrival of his beautiful bride. Ryland seemed calm and completely on top of the world – as every groom should. His huge grin was heart warming and set the tone for all to see.

I had so many images of the ceremony to choose from – from walking down the aisle all the way through to the first kiss (as can be seen below) but this was one of my favourites due to the amount of emotion on Billie’s dad’s face as he holds tightly to Billie’s hand.

Once again, this was one of many I had to choose from but a personal favourite the way these two looked at each other just radiated the love they have for each other.

Whilst holding hands, Ryland stroked Bille’s reassuringly with his thumb. This intimate gesture was lovely to watch and capture.

The first kiss. I need not say more! Beautiful!

The grounds of the Adelaide Hotel were beautiful and the weather was such that a photo opportunity on the lawn could not be missed.

The couple with their extremely happy parents.

A few photographs away from the guests.

The grounds on such a beautiful day gave us a fabulous backdrop for some close couple shots.

One of my favourites!

Stay tuned for Part 3!!

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