Baby Eddie Portrait Session! Xx


In 2014, Tom and Becky, two very dear friends of ours, asked me to be their wedding photographer.  I was so excited to have been asked. Having known Tom since I was a teenager and Becky for the last 10 years, I couldn’t wait to be an integral part of their big day.

And then I found out I was pregnant with our bundle of joy and would have been due to pop three days after the wedding.  Unfortunately, I therefore had to decline and although disappointed to do so, was equally ecstatic to be welcoming our munchkin soon after AND was able to attend the wedding as a guest.

In May of this year, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Tom and Becky’s newest addition to their family; the gorgeous Eddie. We had a lovely session and (from a totally selfish point of view), I got to have loads of cuddles with a very alert 7 week old and have a good old giggle (often due to Eddie’s frequent waterworks!!) with T and B.

I adore this family and hope you enjoy watching the start of their journey together as much as I did capturing it. Guys, I will send your gallery details to you and am so pleased you like the images!! You’re all so gorgeous, it was easy!!

Love and best,




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